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It can seem like a dream career : Finding a vulnerability or hack feels exciting, because you are the first person in the world to discover it. It feels good to know that you are somewhere no one else has been, said Francisco Correa, a 30-year-old bounty hunter who also works with HackerOne. Correa, who has a beachfront apartment in Chile which hes fitted out with fiber-optic Internet, began working four years ago with Googles bug bounty program, and was quickly finding vulnerabilities for Adobe and Microsoft as well. But the reality is a little more complicated. While a few white-hat hackers probably do laugh all the way to the bank, there is at least some testimony that suggests its anything but easy street. As the bug bounty boom was underway in 2014, for example, a post on Reddit gave the impressionboth from a would-be bounty hunters perspective and a commenter who claimed to run a bug bounty programof a scrappy, workaday existence that doesnt pay very well. Less of a path to riches than a desk job in the gig economy . The claim for the $250,000-a-year salary came from an article in The Guardian on Monday, which ran with the headline Bounty hunters are legally hacking Apple and the Pentagon for big money . It follows the exploits of Nathaniel Wakelam, a 21-year old who appears to earn a fortune working out of coffee shops. He probably does. There are othereye-opening numbers as well. Wakelam says a 24-hour bug-hunting binge brought in $3,000, for example.

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