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NWR: What is it about Amiibo that you think makes people interested in collecting them, and then to go to such lengths to have custom ones to boot? KC: In my opinion, people just love Nintendo. I mean, it’s Nintendo, right? They appeal to every age group, from grandparents to small children everyone knows Mario, Yoshi, Princess Zelda, Link, Mega Man… they’re part of us. In the past, Nintendo has released very limited figures for collectors of their favorite characters, and then they dump these high quality, small figurines, that only cost $13? People are gonna jump on them like hotcakes! In addition to the official line, there are still several characters that people ADORE, and they’ve never been released officially as figurines. Some of the Nintendo fan base’s favourites include Smash variants of their main fighter, Octolings from Splatoon, various Generation 1 Pokemon, Shadow Mario from Super Mario Sunshine, and Paper Mario characters. interview attireWhen the opportunity arises to have these figurines, I think people get very nostalgic to have these characters in their collection.

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If that happens, then in 2020 and 2024 well probably get an even scarier version of what we have in 2016. [The politics of detachment] actually speaks to the way people lose faith in government and in programs. My people, theyre not pro- or anti-wealthy as an ideological matter. They think government should help those who need it and not the people who dont need it. Q: Critics have said you place too much blame for white working class pessimism on your own people. But you also clearly love and respect them, and your book goes a long way toward breaking down stereotypes of the American hillbilly. How do you think others can help? Its definitely the story of the election. The tendency of people whose lives are going well to ignore this huge chunk of the population whose lives are not going well has been bubbling for going on 20 years, and it finally sort of exploded in 2016. Its exploded in a lot of different ways.

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